Trials and case studies

Have a look through all the trials we have conducted around New Zealand with real farmers.

Accolade Wine Trial

Trial Mycorrcin Foliacin
A three year trial of Biostart’s biological products, Foliacin and Mycorrcin, was concluded on the pinot noir block at Mud House Vineyard, Accolade Wines…

Turn thatch into an asset

Case study ThatchBusta
Browntop thatch covers top soil choking out ryegrass and clover. Use ThatchBusta to convert thatch into humus and promote clover growth.

Digester Maize Grain Trial

Trial Digester
In a two year Bay of Plenty maize trial, Digester increased grain yield by 12% in the first year and 8% in
the second year compared to the control.

Vineyard trial

Trial Mycorrcin Digester
Biostart Ltd conducted a three year trial on a Pinot Noir block in the Fairhall Vineyard of Pernod Ricard Winemakers in Marlborough from 2013 to 2016.

Ambrosia Apple trial 2020

Trial Mycorrcin
Mycorrcin increased both tree height, trunk cross-sectional area and developed more feathered branches on an orchard in Havelock North.


Technical sheet Mycorrcin
A Mycorrcin program was used on a newly established avocado orchard in Maungatapere, Northland. Trees were examined and analysed over a 12 month period.

Broccoli trial

Trial Mycorrcin Foliacin
A trial on commercial broccoli crops in Pukekohe, Auckland showed that Mycorrcin and Foliacin reduced transplantation shock, improved uniformity…


Trial Mycorrcin Foliacin
Trials were conducted over multiple seasons in the major potato growing regions of New Zealand, including Canterbury, Pukekohe, Hawkes Bay or Ohakune.

Onion trial

Trial Mycorrcin Foliacin
Trials conducted in the Auckland region showed that the application of Mycorrcin and Foliacin increases onion yield and bulb size, increases commercial return…


Trial Mycorrcin
A trial located on a 10 ha paddock in Ohakune, shows that Mycorrcin used on a commercial carrot crop can improve carrot yield, reduce rejects and increase profits.

Pumpkin trial

Trial Mycorrcin Foliacin
A trial was conducted on a commercial pumpkin crop in Pukekohe, Auckland showed that Mycorrcin and Foliacin treated pumpkin crops had a higher yield, higher…


Trial Mycorrcin Organic Mycorrcin
Northland trials showed that Mycorrcin-treated kumara crops had a higher plant survival rate, higher kumara tuber weights and improved marketable kumara yield.

Vegetable seedlings

Trial Mycorrcin Organic Mycorrcin
Trials on broccoli, lettuce and cauliflower seedlings treated with Mycorrcin showed greater root development and bigger, sturdier and more uniform seedling size.


Trial Mycorrcin Biostart N
The trial focussed on the application of Mycorrcin and Biostart N on two kale crops sown on two commercial dairy farms in the Ashburton region, Canterbury.

Increase milk solids

Trial LactoPlus
In an independent trial conducted in Southland, 2004/2005 season across two farms it was found LactoPlus increased milk solids by 3–5%.

Vegetables, cover crops and general crop trash

Technical sheet Digester
BioStart Digester is a soil microbial stimulator that activates those beneficial, naturally occurring…