About us

“Healthy soil is the key to making the most of your farm”
— Dayne Plummer, Founder

We believe that long-term farm health and productivity involves nurturing and harnessing the beneficial life in our soil, plants and animals.

Started in a shed in Morrinsville in 1994, BioStart has now grown into a team of scientists, advisors and producers who solve farming problems together, by harnessing naturally occurring microbes.

We start by understanding the problem. From yield to environmental impact, disease resistance, animal condition or organic growing – we work with producers to test, trial and create the right biological solution for long-term health and productivity and so they are practical to use. 

While we believe that natural farming solutions are found in nature, hard evidence matters to us. The good news is that the science backs up what you can see in the field: measurable gains in health and productivity. You will find all our farm, orchard and vineyard trial data right here on the website.

Our Values

Problem Solving
Our farming solutions are a combination of practical microbial stimulants with on-the-ground collaboration and real-time feedback from farmers. New product development, guided by real-world problems and our commitment to biological farming, is in our DNA.

Biological Mindset
We believe that long-term, resilient farming starts with nurturing the building blocks of soil, plant and animal health – microbial biology. Many of Biostart’s products are in organic form and, by using naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients that improve soils and reduce reliance on agri-chemicals, we tread gently on the earth.

Proof matters to us. We trial all our products and back-up our claims with evidence and, if we don’t get it right, we will find out why.