Prebiotic digestive enhancer for maintaining health and milk production  at times of stress.

Livestock health can be affected by stress such as feed changes or extreme weather. Stress can affect appetite, immunity and milk production.

Good gut biology in the rumen at these times is critical for ensuring healthy metabolic function and milk production.

LactoPlus is a digestive enhancer developed specifically for lactating dairy cows, supporting nutrient uptake, milk production and general animal well-being through periods of stress.

Use LactoPlus to:

  • Increase digestive efficiency
  • Improve nutrient conversion
  • Increase milk production
  • Reduce feed change stress
  • Improve animal well-being

A healthy rumen has billions of microbes that efficiently convert feed into nutrients, buffering the animal against illness and loss of condition. The type of microbes in the rumen needed to efficiently breakdown feed depends on diet and can change rapidly when feed changes.

Using LactoPlus in the first 20 weeks of lactating supports animal resilience through change – trials showed that LactoPlus improved milk production on commercial dairy farms in Southland.

LactoPlus has a nil withholding period.


Increase milk solids with LactoPlus
In an independent trial conducted in Southland, 2004/2005 season across two farms it was found LactoPlus increased milk solids by 3–5%.
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Directions for use:

Animal Dose rate
In-Calf Cows One dose of 20 mL/head 1–2 weeks prior to calving.
Lactating Cows 15 mL/head once a week. It is recommended that LactoPlus is given as a weekly dose.

LactoPlus can be applied through the trough dispenser, co-administered with other oral supplements via drenching or sprayed weekly over supplementary feed.

Material Safety Data Sheet

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Label information

Download the product label here.

Storage instructions

Store below 35°C. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product.

Withholding Period

Withholding period nil.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.

Label information

Download the product label here.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.