Prebiotic treatment for calf scours and early health.

In the first three weeks of life, calves are vulnerable to stress and disease due to undeveloped immune system and a rapidly changing digestive system.

Taking a biological approach to calf rearing means stimulating the development of a healthy gut microbiome and rumen, supporting the calf to make use of nutrients efficiently and recover naturally from diseases like calf scours.

Biostart Calf is a prebiotic digestive-enhancer that reduces calf scouring by improving milk uptake as well as promoting early rumen development for overall health. Calf is a concentrated blend of enzymes, secondary metabolites fermented from several lactic acid bacteria, prebiotic ingredients and rennet.

Use Calf to:

  • Promote rumen function and gut microflora development
  • Reduce calf scours
  • Reduce ‘digestive stress’ from feed, climate or transport changes
  • Improve calf growth and well-being

Calf can be administered as an oral drench or conveniently mixed with whole milk or calf milk replacer, with no withholding period.

After the first three weeks of life and as calves move on to more solid feed, replace Calf with BioStart Ruminant to support rumen function during the transition.


Calf testimonial
Neal and Shirley Hull own a calf rearing operation in Pahiatua, managed by their daughter, Becca, which finishes 2,500 top quality calves per year. BioStart Calf is a key part of their calf rearing operation.
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Directions for use:

Calves Dose rate Application note
New born calves 5 mL initial dose Oral drench as soon as possible after their first feed.
Calves on Milk, Colostrum or CMR until weaning 2 mL/day Once a day feeding; mix 2 mL per feed
Twice a day feeding: mix 1 mL per feed
Unthrifty calves or calves with dietary scouring* 5 mL/day After calf recovers drop dose to 2 mL per day
Weaning from lquid feed 10 mL/week Replace Biostart Calf with Biostart Ruminant immediately prior to feed change

* Scours can be caused by many factors including disease. If you are concerned or scours persist, seek veterinary advice.

Material Safety Data Sheet

View here

Label information

Download the product label here.

Mixing instructions

The rennet in BioStart Calf starts the milk clotting process to aid digestion. Clotting time will vary depending upon the type of milk, milk temperature at mixing, and the volume of milk. Once mixed with whole milk or CMR feed out within 20 minutes. Ensure mix temperature does not exceed 42ºC. Note: Biostart Calf can be used with whey-based CMR’s, however, the milk proteins which rennet acts upon to cause clotting are not present in these types of CMRs.

Storage instructions

Store below 35°C. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product.

Withholding Period

Withholding period nil.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.

Label information

Download the product label here.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.