Revive turf and pasture by breaking down thatch.

Healthy pasture and turf can be inhibited by the build-up of browntop and other thatch over time.

Biostart ThatchBusta is a blend of fermentation extracts that stimulates the decomposition of thatch. A biological dethatcher, ThatchBusta activates naturally occurring decomposition microbes to breakdown thatch and release its nutrients back into the soil.

Use ThatchBusta to:

  • Break down browntop thatch

  • Activate decomposition microbes

  • Improve soil structure

  • Improve moisture penetration

  • Stimulate clover growth

  • Improve pasture quality

  • Improve nutrient mineralisation

A sample of pasture grass, showing a thick layer of dry thatch on top of the soil and grass roots barely penetrating into the soil.Pasture that has been treated with ThatchBusta, there is no layer of thatch and you can see the grass roots penetrate more deeply into the soil.

Pasture that has been treated with ThatchBusta.

Breaking down browntop thatch allows white clover seeds to germinate, which leads to increased clover content in your pasture, thereby improving pasture quality and animal performance.

ThatchBusta Case Study
Turn thatch into an asset
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Directions for use:

  • For best results graze out paddocks and allow sward to freshen prior to application.
  • Apply ThatchBusta™ in the early morning, late afternoon or in overcast conditions. Calibrate and clean sprayer before use.

Crop specific information

Use Timing Application rate Notes
Land preparation for cropping – prior to direct drilling or cultivation Autumn 3 L/ha Ground spray 6 months prior to spring sowing. Minimum water rate is 200 L/ha.
Improve pasture – reduce thatch and release clover Spring – Soil temperature 10°C and rising 3 L/ha Aerial spray Mix with glyphosate 360 at 200–500 mL/ha. Call 0800 116 229 for advice on rate. Minimum water rate is 40 L/ha. Paddocks will yellow for approximately 4 weeks.
Commercial turf Spring or Autumn 5 L/ha Ground spray 5 L/ha in 200 L water
Domestic lawns Spring or Autumn 5 L/ha Ground spray Mix 50 mL in 5 L water and apply to 100㎡

If your crop isn’t included above, please contact your local BioStart representative for personalised information.

Material Safety Data Sheet

View here

Label information

Download the product label here.


Compatible with commonly used herbicides and nutritional sprays.

Mixing instructions

Half fill the spray tank with water and while mixing slowly add the required amount of ThatchBustathen top up with water.

Handling precautions

When mixing or applying, avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. Flush spray equipment thoroughly with water after use. Do not eat or drink while using. Wash protective clothing after use.

Storage instructions

Store below 30°C. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Do not store diluted product.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.

Label information

Download the product label here.

Empty container disposal

Triple rinse and return to an approved recycling centre.


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