Turf and Pasture

At Biostart, we have created a biostimulant range that activate naturally occurring soil and plant microbes that are critical for nutrient uptake and optimising pasture and turf health.


Revive turf and pasture by breaking down brown top thatch.


Certified organic biocontrol for safe, effective grass grub control.

Biostart N

Certified organic biofertiliser utilising naturally occurring nitrogen-fixing bacteria.


Improve soil health by activating beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizal fungi. Certified organic version available.

How our range works

Optimal soil biology, rapid breakdown of browntop thatch and control of NZ Grass Grub ensures healthy pasture and turf. Our biostimulant products are compatible with many nutritional and pest and disease control products so can be easily added into any current programme.


A sample of pasture grass, showing a thick layer of dry thatch on top of the soil and grass roots barely penetrating into the soil.Pasture that has been treated with ThatchBusta, there is no layer of thatch and you can see the grass roots penetrate more deeply into the soil.

Pasture that has been treated with ThatchBusta.

Pasture trial sheet
An independent pasture trial was conducted in Spring 2020, it found that applying Biostart N and Mycorrcin led to greater long term pasture growth while reducing the amount of urea required by half, over a four month period.
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ThatchBusta Case Study
Browntop thatch covers top soil, choking out ryegrass and clover. Use ThatchBusta to convert thatch into humus and promote clover growth.
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BioShield Technical Sheet
A description of how BioShield reduces pasture damage by NZ Grass Grub and how to identify NZ Grass Grub.
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How to use our products

Biofertiliser Programme

Biostart N contains a Nitrogen fixing bacteria (Azotobacter chroococcum) that creates plant available nitrogen in the soil, reducing the need for other nitrogen fertilizer. Mycorrcin ensures the successful establishment of the Azotobacter chroococcum in the soil.

Product Timing Application
Biostart N New pasture at sowing Apply 100 mL/ha directly on to the soil.
Established pasture in spring Immediately after grazing apply 100 mL/ha.
Mycorrcin Spring and Autumn, 6–8 weeks prior to required increase in pasture production. After grazing apply 2 L/ha in 200 L of water sprayed onto pasture. Co-apply 100 mL/ha BioStart N, N-fixing bacteria for sustained plant growth.

Pasture and Turf Thatch Breakdown Programme

Thatchbusta breaks down the browntop thatch layer which inhibits grass and clover root growth making the pasture drought prone.

Directions for use:

  • For best results graze out paddocks and allow sward to freshen prior to application.
  • Apply ThatchBusta™ in the early morning, late afternoon or in overcast conditions. Calibrate and clean sprayer before use.

Crop specific information

Product Use Timing Application
ThatchBusta Improve pasture Reduce thatch and release clover Spring Soil temperature 10°C and rising Ground or aerial spray 3 L/ha. Can be mixed with glyphosate. Minimum water rate is 40 L/ha. Paddocks will yellow for approximately 4 weeks.
Commercial turf Spring or Autumn Ground spray 5 L/ha in 200 L water
Domestic lawns Spring or Autumn Mix 50 mL in 5 L water and ground spray to 100㎡

NZ Grass Grub Control Programme

BioShield Grass Grub Liquid is a long-term grass grub control solution that works by introducing a disease that is specific to grass grub larvae, which is then passed from dead grubs to following generations.

Product Timing Application
BioShield® Between February and mid-April
Apply to actively feeding grass grub larvae when they are in the late second to mid-third instar stage of development.
Dilute BioShield® in 100 L/ha of unchlorinated, clean water prior to application. Apply BioShield® at 1 L/ha via a liquid applicator fitted to a seed drill (e.g. triple disc or direct drill) to a depth of 10–30mm below soil surface, to actively feeding grass grub larvae

Directions for use:

Maximising the activity of BioShield®

  • Soil moisture content must be above 15–20% before applying BioShield® on to soil. Irrigate after application if required.
  • Apply in 1,000 L of water. Co-apply BioShield® at 4 L/ha to enhance the establishment of BioShield in the soil.
  • Do not apply after April as the grass grub larvae will have usually developed beyond the susceptible stages by this date.

Post-treatment management – Do not use:

  • Alternative grass grub control practices such as heavy rolling or insecticide treatments after application as this will reduce the effectiveness of BioShield® Grass Grub.
  • Cultivation following treatment as it is likely to reduce the effectiveness of BioShield® Grass Grub.

It is an offence to use this product on animals.

BioShield® must not be applied directly on to or into water.

Withholding period: Nil

Compatibility: Call BioStart 0800 116 229 for a compatibility list.

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