Our Organic Range

Certified organic soil and plant biostimulants for thriving biology.

Biostart supports organic growers with our range of certified organic farming products, designed to activate naturally occurring soil and plant microbes to solve your farming problem.

BioShield Grass Grub Liquid

Biocontrol for safe, effective grass grub control.

Biostart N

Nitrogen fixing bacteria for increased nitrogen in soil.


Gentle organic treatment for powdery mildew and sooty mould.

Organic Digester

The certified organic version of our decomposition accelerator, Digester.

Organic Foliacin

An organic Foliar spray for improved plant health and resistance.

Organic HayKing

The certified organic version of our biological hay preservative, HayKing.

Organic Mycorrcin

The certified organic version of our soil health biostimulant, Mycorrcin.

Organic SilageKing

Certified organic natural silage additive for well preserved, high-quality feed.


PP9 is an μInoculant of concentrated Pseudomonas putida, a commonly found bacteria in healthy soil.


TripleX is a biocontrol agent that treats botrytis (Botrytis cinerea) in grapes, avocado, top fruit and vegetables and prevents sooty mould (Cladosporium species) in kiwifruit.