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MaizeKing Forage Preservative

Preserving forage doesn't have to cost a fortune

MaizeKing has been specifically formulated 
to help 
preserve maize feed quality. 

TripleX Prevents Sooty Mould

Triple X can be used right up to harvest 
with a nil withholding period.

Post Harvest Clean Up

Digester speeds up decomposition of crop trash
and dead roots into humus. Digester reduces the
opportunity for diseases to over winter, recycles nutrients stored in crop trash back into the soil
faster and improves soil structure.

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Take Control of Botrytis and Sooty Mould
Preserve your Silage
Preserve your Silage
Post Harvest Breakdown
Post Harvest Breakdown
Improve Calf Resilience
Improve Calf Resilience
Improve Plant Resilience
Improve Root Development

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Improve Plant Establishment
Activates Plant Defense
Improves Calf Resilience