BioStart TripleX is designed for the control of botrytis and prevention of sooty mould. TripleX aids in the control of Botrytis cinerea in grapes, avocado, top fruit and vegetables.

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Biostart TripleX contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens BS 1b and a combination of fermentation extracts and other bioactive nutrients. The microbe B. amyloliquefaciens BS 1b controls Botrytis and prevents sooty mould while the fermentation extracts help to prime the plant’s leaf biofilm and create an ideal environment for the establishment of the B. amyloliquefaciens. The B. amyloliquefaciens then produce antimicrobial compounds that destroy the diseases and reduce re-infection.

Like all biocontrol agents, the best results for TripleX are obtained when it is used preventatively, as it works by colonising the foliage, flowers and fruit (areas where the disease-causing fungi like to grow) to protect against Botrytis and sooty mould-causing fungi.

TripleX is Registered pursuant to the ACVM act 1997 No P8137 and is Biogrow Certified Organic.

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