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The biological approach to preserving silage and hay focusses on activating beneficial bacteria and inhibiting yeast and fungi in forage. The Biostart hay and silage preservative range was designed specifically to maintain feed quality and reduce spoilage on New Zealand farms.

Preserve silage

Biostart SilageKing activates beneficial bacteria in grass and cereal forage to produce ensiling lactic and acetic while inhibiting the yeasts and fungi responsible for decomposition and spoilage.

>> Preserve silage with SilageKing

Preserve Hay

Baling hay at the wrong moisture level can lead to mould, yeast growth, bale heating and spoilage. Improve feed quality and storage with HayKing, our biological hay preservative..

>> Preserve hay with HayKing

Preserve maize silage

MaizeKing is our biological silage inoculant designed specifically for preserving maize silage. It’s easy to store and can be applied straight from the can or via our in-cab applicator.

>> Preserve maize silage with MaizeKing

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