Manage animal health with beneficial gut microbes. The biological approach to animal health focuses on prevention – supporting beneficial gut microbes for more resilient animals that can better resist illness or stress.

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Treat scouring & grow healthy calves

Establish beneficial gut microbes in the first three weeks of life for immediate benefits (like treating scouring) and long-term animal health. Use Calf, our prebiotic, digestive-enhancer trusted by farmers for 26 years.

>> Nurture animal health with Calf

Maintain animal health during stress

Weaning, transport, feed changes and medication can unbalance gut microbial populations in animals and cause production drops. Ruminant is a prebiotic digestive enhancer that maintains rumen function and growth under stress.

>> Maintain growth under stress with Ruminant

Maintain milk production during stress

Stress, such as feed changes or extreme weather, impacts milk production. Lactoplus is a prebiotic digestive enhancer designed to maintain rumen function in dairy cows and limit milk production losses.

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Ruminant Livestock Programme

Download our animal health programme, detailing how to use Ruminant to get your sheep and beef cattle in tip-top shape.

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