Growing healthy, high-quality fruit and vegetables and hitting yield targets requires thriving soil and plant biology.

At Biostart, we support growers with biostimulants that activate naturally occurring soil and plant microbes – because we believe that biology is the best solution to your growing problem.

Establish strong, healthy plants

Stimulating root-zone biology eases transplant shock and supports faster root development. You can use our soil biostimulant Mycorrcin for a great start.

>> Learn about soil biology and plant growth

Enhance fruit and vegetable quality

Nutrition, taste, texture and size quality in produce reflects the nutrients and health of the soil. In trials, our soil biostimulant Mycorrrcin led to flavour and uniformity improvements.

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Treat Botrytis and Sooty Mould

Treat plant diseases by activating beneficial microbe populations. TripleX treats grapes, avocado, top fruit and vegetable disease without negative side effects.

>> Treat plant disease with TripleX

Increase yield

Healthy soil biology supports bigger, more plentiful fruit and vegetables. Our Mycorrcin and Foliacin biostimulant combination is proven to increase yield.

>> Yield trial results for Mycorrcin and Foliacin

Improve plant resilience

Support plant health at times of stress by activating beneficial microbes on foliage. Foliacin, our spray-on biostimulant improves resilience during disease outbreaks, drought and cold.

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Release and recycle nutrients

Stimulating beneficial microbes to break down organic matter faster and more completely. Use Digester to release nutrients in crop stubble, orchard prunings and compost.

>> Release nutrients faster with Digester

Fix nitrogen and reduce run-off

By introducing nitrogen-fixing bacteria to the soil, Biostart N supports a long-term, steady supply of nitrogen that mitigates the excess runoff associated with conventional nitrogen fertilisers.

>> Fix nitrogen with Biostart N

Treat grass grub

Grass grub can cause root and plant damage in pasture, orchards and vineyards. Bioshield introduces a naturally occurring disease, specific to grass grubs.

>> Treat Grass Grub with Bioshield

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