Gardener’s corner

The Biostart Gardener’s Corner range supports biodynamic gardening in home gardens and lifestyle blocks.

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Soil health

Growing healthy, high-quality fruit and vegetables starts with thriving soil biology.

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Animal health

Supporting beneficial gut microbes for more resilient animals that can better resist illness and thrive under stress.

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Our soil health range includes decomposition and biostimulants for faster plant breakdown and nutrient recycling.
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Protect fruit and vegetables

Preventive biocontrols designed to activate natural plant immunity and treat disease.

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Fruit and vegetable health

Minimise environmental and chemical stress impacting the health and productivity of your plants by boosting beneficial leaf biology.

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Lawn and pasture

Our biological dethatcher revives lawn and pasture by naturally breaking down browntop and thatch.
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Drought Proofing

Combine our soil health and foliar (leaf) health range for improved soil moisture retention and plant resistance under stress.
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