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Organic Mycorrcin Brochure
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Directions for use:

CropTimingApplication rate
GrapesPlantingSoak plants in 1:100 of Mycorrcin. Drench planting hole with 1 L of 1:100 Mycorrcin.
GrapesPremium ProgrammeApply at budbreak (6 L/sprayed ha) and veraison (4 L/sprayed ha).
GrapesStandard ProgrammeApply 2 L/sprayed ha with three herbicide applications.
GrapesRescue ProgrammeApply 10 L/ha to turn around struggling blocks.
Top Fruit - Apples, Stonefruit, Berries, Kiwifruit, Avocados and CitrusFlowering/budbreakFlowering/budbreak apply 4 L/ha sprayed onto the soil Add 2 L/ha with all weed sprays Early fruit set apply 4 L/ha Apply 10 L/ha to turn around struggling blocks.
Vegetables - Greens, Root crops, Cucurbits, onions, Legumes, Tomatoes & Sweetcorn.Prior to plantingPrior to planting dip/drench plantlets in a 1:100 Mycorrcin solution. At planting apply 6 L/ha sprayed onto the soil
VegetablesTransplantingDip or drench in a solution of 1 part Mycorrcin and 150 parts water
Soft fruit and cane fruitPlantingAt planting apply 4 L/ha through irrigation system. During growing season apply 1 L/ha/fortnight through irrigation system
Maize, Brassica, Fodder beet New PastureApply 2 L/ha on to soil before or at planting

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