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How it works:

Improve soil structure

ThatchBusta stimulates the microbes responsible for decomposing organic matter. Some bacteria and fungi produce substances during the decomposition process that chemically and physically bind soil particles into micro-aggregates. The hyphal strands of fungi can cross-link soil particles helping to form and maintain aggregate allowing increased air circulation and moisture to penetrate. Humus, the dark organic matter that forms in the soil, is the by-product of the decomposition process. Humus contains many useful nutrients for healthy soil, has a high water holding capacity to helps soil to withstand drought conditions and increases the soils ability to store nutrients for plant uptake.

Promote clover growth

By removing the thatch and improving soil structure, dormant clover and ryegrass seeds can now germinate and roots penetrate deeper into the soil. Increased root depth and structure will mean your pasture will withstand drought, heavy rains and grazing better. ThatchBusta also contains nutrients to promote clover growth.