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Graham Jordon farms at Nemingha, north east of Tamworth, where he grows 360 acres of irrigated Lucerne and breeds a very good Red Angus stud, “Goonoo”. Graham is an owner of Peel Valley Artificial Breeding Centre, which supplies the Dairy industry with select Holstein blood lines, and is on the Federal council of the Red Angus Society. 

Greater window of opportunity for better Hay & Silage 

Hay King uses a combination of fermentation extracts to help inhibit mould growth and preserve the hay. The end result is a wider window of opportunity for baling ‘I bale around 60,000 small square bales of Lucerne each year. Life is a lot easier since I introduced Hay King. The harvest window has expanded so it is a great management tool” says Graham 

Quality bales at 24% moisture content 

Before using Hay King, Graham baled at approximately 12 – 14% moisture content. Now, using Hay King, Graham can bale with moisture up to 22% and has gone as high as 24% “I have baled with 24% moisture content by using the recommended Hay King rate for high moisture levels and it also lets me bale with a lot more leaf”. 

No heating or mould in stored bales 

“Normally if I baled at 22% moisture and stored the product, it would go mouldy and heat up but with Hay King I still had good quality bales. Delivering a consistent, high standard of product and service is the secret to my success” says Graham.

Ideal for Chaffing 

Using Hay King allows the bales to be teased easily for chaffing, the hay does not stick together and is very soft. One chaff mill bought hay from a friend who was using Hay King. The mill rang to see what he was doing differently as the chaff was the best he had ever made. As a result, the mill owner now uses Hay King on his own property.