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Dave McCabe, North Otago Ditching and Baling.


How the new microbiology technology works

Grass is covered in a naturally occurring thin film of microbes. As soon as grass is cut decomposition microbes begin to dominate the surface and the process of decay begins. The skill in making quality silage is to halt this natural breakdown process using inoculants with lactic acid producing bacteria. This creates an environment where decomposing bacteria fail to develop.

 Cut grass relies on beneficial bacteria from inoculants to deliver an efficient and complete fermentation of the stack or bale. The ensiling process will also be quicker when using inoculants.

Grant Kay National Silage King Product Manager for BioStart explains how Silage King differs to other inoculants. “Most silage inoculants contain live lactic acid producing bacteria. These bacteria are introduced to existing microsystems where they try to dominate the undesirable micro-flora. These inoculants rely on the number of lacto acid producing bacteria in the inoculant to outnumber the bad microbes and colonise the crops to prevent decomposition. BioStart Silage King does not contain live bacteria but a blend of enzymes, bacteriocins, secondary metabolites and signal molecules. Silage King has a unique dual mode of action which first clears bad bacteria then stimulates existing lactic acid producing bacteria to rapidly reproduce for a fast ferment”.  

Increase your baling window

Dave McCabe says “Silage King gives me an increased window of opportunity for harvesting and baling which takes time pressure off servicing customers.  Some days we do 1200 bales a day with one crew and with Silage King we get outstanding results even in difficult conditions. We also used Hay King for straw bales last year. The same technology in Hay King allowed us to bale with up to 25% moisture so we can finish the paddock at the end of the day despite evening dew. It is important to note that using an inoculant doesn’t mean you can take any shortcuts in processing. We find high bale density remains the key factor for producing high quality balage but we recommend Silage King to preserve feed quality.

NZ developed applicators with In-cab controls for NZ conditions

BioStart also supplies a range of NZ developed applicators which work with liquids applicators or granules and have reliable application rates delivered via a pulse. Dave McCabe says “My Granule box in-cab controller means I can easily regulate the application rate from the cab to meet light, medium or heavy crop loadings. The in-cab control is very easy to use and I have had excellent service and product support from BioStart”.

For more information please contact Grant Kay, BioStart 0800 274 5243.