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How it works:

 increase pasture production
Apply now to increase pasture production
Independent trial shows pasture DM yield +13.4%

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Increase Kale DM
Increase Kale DM Apply at sowing
Independent trial shows Kale DM yield + 21%

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Biostart N & Mycorrcin Fodder Beet Trial
Biostart N & Mycorrcin Fodder Beet Trial
Southland 2015 - 2016 shows DM yield +7.4%

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Grain yield +19% , financial returns increased, less Urea used.

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Biostart Digester releasing nutrients
Apply post maize harvest
with Biostart Digester. Recycle crop trash into humus faster, releasing nutrients for your next crop.
Maize Grain Trial
Maize Grain Trial, Manawatu, 2014
Biostart N & Digester increased grain yield by 22% in very dry growing conditions.

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Directions for use:

Crop TimingSoil Application RateRecommended Co-ApplicationCo-Application Note
Maize Post harvest apply to crop trash10mL/ha in minimum 200 L of water. Apply directly on the soil during or after crop trash incorporation.To speed up crop trash decomposition & build organic matter, co-apply BioStart Digester at 2 L/ha.Once BioStart N is mixed with Digester or Mycorrcin, it must be applied within one hour.
Maize, Brassica, Fodder beet, New pasture At sowing10mL/ha in minimum 200 L of water. Apply directly on the soil.Co-apply BioStart Mycorrcin at 2 L/ha for poorly aerated or water-logged soils, and to promote root growth.Once BioStart N is mixed with Digester or Mycorrcin, it must be applied within one hour.
Established Pasture In spring & autumn 6-8 weeks prior to required increase in pasture production.Apply after grazing 10 mL/ha in minimum 200 L of water.Co-apply BioStart Mycorrcin at 2 L/ha.Once BioStart N is mixed with Digester or Mycorrcin, it must be applied within one hour.

Product mixing: This product contains living microbes. Before use shake the bottle vigorously to re-suspend the microbes. Prior to use the spray tank must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any chemical residues that could be toxic to the BioStart N microbe. Sanitise spray tank before application to remove any contaminating microbes. Add BioStart N to the tank last, after all other inputs have been diluted. Use a slow agitation rate to mix & reduce foaming during application. Do not exceed 60 psi. Once mixed in the spray tank, apply Biostart N within 2 hours, keeping the tank contents mixed at all times.

Co-application note: Once BioStart N is mixed with Digester or Mycorrcin, it must be applied within one hour.

Time of use: Use whole bottle immediately after opening (within 24 hrs) as contamination of contents by other microbes may occur at any time after opening. BioStart takes no responsibility for opened product that is not used immediately.

Time of application: Apply in the late afternoon or when the incidence of UV rays is reduced and preferably before a rain event.

Maximising activity in the field: Azotobacter chroococcum microbes become active when pH, temperature and organic matter are favourable. It is recommended that Biostart N is applied when;

• Soil temperatures > 8 ЉC (autumn and spring application)

• Soil pH is ideally between 6.0 and 6.5

• Co-applied with Mycorrcin or Digester to convert organic matter to humus and stimulate soil microbial activity.

Note: To survive adverse environmental conditions, Azotobacter chroococcum forms a cyst which is “resting” life stage. Once optimal soil environmental conditions return the cysts germinate and the A. chroococcum resumes activity.

The trace elements molybdenum and iron are essential co-factors for the BioStart N nitrogen fixation process. A deficiency of these minerals in the soil could impair the rate of nitrogen fixation by BioStart N.

The level of nitrogen fixation is directly related to the ‘activity’ of the BioStart N microbes in the soil. The activity of BioStart N can be compromised by soils that are not ideal for soil microbe activity e.g. water-logged and poorly aerated soils, soils with low organic matter levels. Co-apply BioStart Mycorrcin or Digester in these conditions.

Not a Foliar Feed

Compatibility: Always check that Biostart N is compatible with another product before
co-applying. Call BioStart 0800 116 229 or go to for a compatibility list

Handling precautions: When mixing or applying, avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear protective clothing, gloves & goggles. Flush spray equipment thoroughly with water after use. Do not eat or drink while using. Wash hands & face before meals and after work. Wash protective clothing after use.

Product storage: Refrigerate at all times. Keep away from children.

Withholding period: None.

Container disposal: Triple-rinse before disposal.

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