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How it works:

Ruminant animals rely on thousands of specific micro-organisms in their digestive tract to break down their feed providing energy, protein and mineral nutrition.  A healthy rumen will lead to healthier animals and maximised production.

However, rumen micro-organism populations are influenced by the type and quality of feed consumed, and stress caused by feed change, weather, transport and marking as well as the use of antibiotics and wormers. A regular programme of BioStart prebiotics promotes domination of beneficial bacteria and inhibits undesirable bacteria leading to improved feed utilisation and animal productivity.

BioStart prebiotics are oligosaccharides or food for beneficial bacteria in the intestine.  They bypass the rumen to target thousands of good bacteria living in the colon. BioStart prebiotics;

  1. Promote beneficial intestinal health
  2. Contain bacteriocins and enterocins that inhibit undesirable bacteria

Unlike probiotics,  BioStart prebiotics are not live so they are more likely to survive in the animal. BioStart prebiotics are;

  • Not live
  • Acid and heat tolerant
  • Time tolerant (product can be kept once opened for up to two years from manufacture date)