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Case Study

Increased root development and yield in hothouse tomatoes with the application biostimulant Mycorrcin

BioStart Limited.
Jean Corona, Fruitfed Supplies, Auckland.

March 2009


  • Initial application 800ml Mycorrcin/house added directly into the sump water tank (22,000lt).
  • Subsequent applications for the growing season 300ml Mycorrcin/house once a month added directly to the sump water tank (22,000lt).
  • Past winter has been wetter than normal resulting in low light levels.
  • Many local growers have been suffering from boxed fruit and poor fruit set and poor quality fruit.
  • Tomatoes grown hydroponically with approximately 10,000 plants per house.
  • CF = 42 and pH ranges from 6.5-6.2 depending on crop age.
  • Grower has more than 20 years experience growing hothouse tomatoes.


Observations of young plants

  • The plants are now 4 weeks old and have strong stem growth with tight intermodal lengths.
  • Root growth is impressive with a thick mat of white fleshy roots.
  • Flower initiation started early at week 2. Now at week 4, first trusses have set and there are 2-3 new trusses emerging per plant.


  •  Root growth 4 weeks after planting (above).



  •  Strong top growth and flower set 4 weeks after planting (above).



  •  The plants have maintained a full crop load over the dull winter (above).

 Observations of older plants:

  • The vines have held a full crop this winter despite the dull light conditions.
  • Last year every truss was thinned to 4 fruit. Other growers in the area are complaining of boxing, watery hollow fruit.
  • Harvest has increased 100% on last winter.
  • Fruit quality has improved with fruit firm, fleshy and good tasting.
  • Root growth is impressive with a thick mat of white fleshy roots.
  • Laterals are being strung up and are fruiting the same as main plant.


  •  Fruit are firm, fleshy and tasty (above).

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