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Case Study

Increased strawberry yield with applications of biostimulant Mycorrcin

BioStart Limited.
Craig Lamb, Fruitfed Supplies, Kumeu.
Anthony Rakich, Kumeu.

January 2009

Key words
Strawberry, fertigation, increased yield, Mycorrcin.


  • A 0.28ha block was divided into 2, one half (17 rows) received a standard fertiliser treatment (control) while the other half (17 rows) received the standard fertiliser program plus an initial application of Mycorrcin at the rate of 5lt/ha (31 May) and then 500ml/ha once a fortnight from the 16 June to the 29 December (treatment) Foliacin was applied to the block at the rate of 500ml/week from the 11 November to 29 December.
  • Fertiliser program 1100kg/ha Strawberry Mix, 200gk/ha Gypsum and 300kg/ha Lime.
  • Two permanent 5m rows within each treatment were selected for recoding picking weights.
  • Block was planted in single rows with 1m centres. Rows approximately 80m long.
  • The block was harvested twice a week from 29 October 08 to the 14 January 09 (11 weeks). Fruit weights were recorded at each picking.
  • On the 22 December the pick was graded according to fruit size.
  • Right: Mycorrcin was added to the standard fertigation program at the rate of 500ml/ha once a fortnight


Harvest results 

Total yield (below):

Standard programMycorrcin




  •  The Cumulative Yield graph shows the addition of Mycorrcin consistently resulted in heavier picks. The weight difference accelerated from mid December to the end of the trial. At the end of the trial the 10m sample row treated with Mycorrcin yielded an extra 3.178kg over the control.


Fruit size analysis:


  •  This Weight Distribution graph shows the addition of Mycorrcin increased the total weight of fruit in the large, medium large and medium small grades, and reduced the total weight graded as small and very small.




  •  When fruit numbers were assessed the addition of Mycorrcin increased the number of fruit in the large, medium large and medium small grades and reduced the number of fruit in the small and very small grades.



  •  The fruit have been grouped into 5 grades.
  • This photo clearly illustrates the impact the addition of Mycorrcin has had on fruit size. 


  • There was no noticeable difference in vegetative growth between the treatment and control blocks.
  • Generally Auckland growers struggled with fruit size this season.

Return on investment

  • The return on investment has be extrapolated to a per hectare basis.
Standard programMyrcorrcin + Standard program
Total crop weight 1ha47,221kg51,078kg
No 380gm punnets124,265134,417
Gross revenue at $2.00/punnet$248,531$268,834
Cost of treatment$425
Net revenue$248,531$268,409


  • The addition of Mycorrcin increased the total weight of the picked fruit with the greatest increase coming from mid December onwards.
  • The addition of Mycorrcin increased fruit sizing.
  • The addition of Mycorrcin increased gross revenue by $20,303 for the cost of $425 when extrapolated to a per hectare basis.

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