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Case Study

Increased pumpkin yield using biostimulants Digester, Mycorrcin and Foliacin

BioStart Limited.

February 2007

Key words
Pumpkin, increased yield, Digester, Mycorrcin, Foliacin.


  • A block was divided into 4 x 11 bed sub blocks (one boom width). Two sub blocks were treated and two were left as a control.

Program used was: 

  • 4lt/ha Digester immediately prior to sowing (18 Oct 2006).
  • 5lt/ha Mycorrcin first true leaf (6 Nov 2006).
  • 1lt/ha Mycorrcin + 1lt/ha Foliacin (11 Dec 2006).
  • 1lt/ha Foliacin (12 Jan 2007).
  • 1lt/ha Foliacin (25 Jan 2007).
  • 1lt/ha Foliacin (15 Feb 2007).
  • On the 23 Mar 2007 6 plots measuring 3m x 8.3m (25m2) were selected from the top, mid and lower areas of the treated and untreated areas. The pumpkins were weighed, counted and sorted by weight – small: less than 1.4kg, medium: 1.4kg – 3kg, large: +3kg.
  • Right: Field weighing- large, medium, small.


Pumpkin trial layout (below):



Field weighing- large, medium, small (below):


Harvest results

Untreated (below):

Rep 1Rep 2Rep 3Rep 4Rep 5Rep 6Total
Number of Pumpkins/25m²313931393243215
Total weight kg/25m²791079910474114566
Avg Pumpkin weight kg2.532.732.892.642.312.652.63
Number small (less than 1.4kg)11151112141679
Number medium (1.4-3.0kg)13111022111582
Number large (over 3.0kg)81310571255


Treated (below):

Rep 1Rep 2Rep 3Rep 4Rep 5Rep 6Total
Number of Pumpkins/25m²383136483237222
Total weight kg/25m²10495101127101108636
Avg Pumpkin weight kg2.743.062.812.653.162.922.89
Number small (less than 1.4kg)1248149754
Number medium (1.4-3.0kg)161920231018106
Number large (over 3.0kg)108811131262

Summary (below):

UntreatedTreated% increase
Number of Pumpkins/25m²215222+3%
Total weight kg/25m²566636+12%
Avg Pumpkin weight kg2.632.89+10%
Number small (less than 1.4kg)7954-32%
Number medium (1.4-3.0kg)82106+29%
Number large (over 3.0kg)5562+13%


Return on investment (below):

Total kg/ha37,729.0042,395.00
Total smalls kg/ka5,266.003,599.00
Total marketable crop kg/ha32,463.0038,796.00
Gross return$19,477.00$23,277.00
Cost of BioStart/ha$0.00$360.00
Net return$19,477.00$22,917.00


  • BioStart treatment has increased total count, total weight and average pumpkin weight.
  • The treatment also reduction of the number of smalls and increased in the number of medium and slightly increased the number of large pumpkins.
  • The treatment increased net return per ha by $3,440.00.
  • The shift in pumpkin size had a significant impact on the return per hectare.

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