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Case Study

Increased potato yield with the application of biostimulant Mycorrcin

BioStart Limited.

July 2009

Key words
Potato, increased yield, Mycorrcin.


  • This trial looked into the impact of Mycorrcin on increasing yield in a potato crop.
  • The treatment used was:
  1. Standard fertiliser program
  2. Mycorrcin 5lt/ha at post emergence
  • At harvest the block was transacted by 4 evenly spaced lines. Eight sample plots in each transect line, four treated and four control. Each plot within bot the treated and control areas was five rows apart. Each sample plot consisted of six plants and had a 1.45m row length at 0.8m centres.
  • Marketable and reject potato numbers and weights were recorded.
  • Trial plots being dug, weighed counted and graded in the field.
  • Right: There were more potatoes harvested from the treated block and on average they were heavier.


Block layout



  • Fewer potatoes were harvested from the untreated block and on average they were smaller (below).


  •  There were more potatoes harvested from the treated block and on average they were heavier (below).


Untreated (below):


Treated( below):


Summary (below):

Total No.9921085+9%
Total weight kg156.6176.1+12%
Average weight/potato kg0.1580.162+3%
Marketable No.845894+6%
Marketable weight kg147.6167.2+13%
Average marketable weight/potato kg0.1750.187+7%
Reject No.147191+30%
Reject weight kg6.08.9+48%
Average reject weight/potato kg0.0410.047+15%

Return on investment

  • Return on investment has been extrapolated to a hectare basis.
Total commercial grade kg/ha79,476kg90,079kg
Gross return$31,790.00$36,031.00
Cost of BioStart program/ha$0.00$88.25
Net return$31,790.00$35,942.75


The Mycorrcin treatment resulted in the following:

  • The 12% increase in total yield weight translated into a 13% increase in marketable weight.
  • The treatment increased reject numbers and weight. However a large number of these rejects were rejected because of their small size and could have been marketed as 'Gourmet Potatoes'. Taking this into consideration both the number and total weight from the treated area would have increased and the number and total weight of rejects would have decreased.
  • Based on the sample plot field gradings the treatment increased net return by $4,152.75 per hectare.

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