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Case Study

Lettuce head weight and root development with the application of VAM and biostimulant Mycorrcin

Stephen Wrigley BioStart, Limited April 2010.

Key words

Lettuce, VAM, Mycorrcin, head weight, root development.


  • Green and red fancy lettuce seedlings were purchased from the garden centre and planted into screeded soil in buckets.
  • Treatments used 1. Untreated 2. 1 VAM tablet per plant 3. 1 VAM tablet per plant + watering in with Mycorrcin at 1:200.
  • Lettuces watered at regular intervals.
  • At harvest head were weighed and photos of the roots were taken.











Red lettuce head weight

Mycorrcin + VAM weight (gm)VAM weight (gm)Untreated weight (gm)
Rep 11206368
Rep 2956553
Rep 3829361
Total weight997461
Avg weight313122
% increase over untreated+62%+21%


Root development


 Green lettuce head weight

Mycorrcin + VAM weight (gm)VAM weight (gm)Untreated weight (gm)
Rep 1312830
Rep 2272819
Rep 3363818
Total weight949467
Avg weight313122
% increase over untreated+41%+41%

Root development


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