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Case Study


Recovery from Phytophthora

Dave Ingles, Hohora New Zealand.


  • Trees have been showing signs of Phytophthora for 2 years.
  • The worst effected trees were heavily pruned.
  • Mycorrcin was used at the rate of 10lt/ha through irrigation sprinklers.
  • The image shows one of the trees treated with Mycorrcin that have pushed new foliage since treatment.


avocado_phytophthora_mycorrcin2.jpg  avocado_phytophthora_mycorrcin.jpg

  • The trees are still sick but are show signs of recovery.
  • Because of the sprinkler spread the application rate is concentrated to the equivalent of 20lt/ha.
  • Trees will be monitored over the next year.

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