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Case Study

Increased pear yields with the application of biostimulants Mycorrcin, Foliacin and suspension fertiliser

Stephen Wrigley, BioStart Limited.
Gerard Besamusca, AgConsult.
Paul Vogaalar, Hastings.

May 2006

Key words
Pear, increased yields, Mycorrcin, Foliacin, suspension fertiliser.


  • The trial was set up to determine the impact of Mycorrcin and the combination of Mycorrcin, suspension fertiliser and Foliacin of crop yield.
  • A block was divided into groups of 3 rows (each row 120m long) and assigned a treatment. 
  • The treatments were:
    1. Control – Standard fertiliser program.
    2. Mycorrcin – 4lt/ha at bud burst, 2lt/ha at early growth, 2 x 2lt/ha with weedsprays.
    3. Suspension fertiliser + Mycorrcin + Foliacin – 200kg/ha lime flower, 20kg/ha elemental sulphur, 1.5kg/ha Borate 48, 6lt/ha Mycorrcin applied early spring. 5 x 300ml/ha Foliacin was applied with   foliar nutrient during the season.
  • Suspension fertiliser is standard fertiliser ground to less than 150 micron. The small particle size increases it’s surface area and availability. 
  • Foliacin contains elicitors and is designed to stimulate plant immune sustems.
  • At harvest various yield parameters were measured and recorded by AgConsult.
  • Right: Trees treated with a combination of Mycorrcin, suspension fertiliser and Foliacin produced on average an extra 4.925kg of fruit.


Total yield:

No. fruit/treeKg/tree
Standard fertiliser106.4515.683
Suspension fert + Mycorrcin + Foliacin112.4518.580

Fruit parameters:

Avg length cmAvg diameter cmAvg weight gmAvg total pips
Standard fertiliser7.706.79156.464
Suspension fert + Mycorrcin + Foliacin7.906.92155.35

Quality parameters:

Avg colourAvg defectsAvg firmnessAvg brix
Standard fertiliser1.351.555.527510.37
Suspension fert + Mycorrcin + Foliacin1.431.405.341310.77


  • The Mycorrcin application increased kg/tree, colour, brix and pip numbers.
  • The combination of Suspension fertiliser, Mycorrcin and Foliacin increased length, weight, diameter, brix, colour pips and total yield and reduce total defects.

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