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Case Study

Mycorrcin Nursery Grape Plant Trial

Mycorrcin increased root mass.
Hawkes Bay 2016


A Mycorrcin trial was conducted by Geoffrey Smith of Vine Nursery New Zealand Ltd, on his commercial grapevine nursery in Hastings. The trial showed that regular applications of Mycorrcin over a 6-month period increased the average root mass per vine by 42% over the control vines when the vines were lifted in June 2016. 

Trial Design:

The trial was on Sauvignon Blanc Mass Selection cane grafted on to Schwarzmann rootstock that were planted into a silt loam soil. A slow-release fertiliser (200 kg/ha) was applied to all of the newly planted vines in spring. 

  • Mycorrcin was applied fortnightly at 1 L/ha through a Venturi System attached to the irrigation line. Applications started in mid-December 2015 and continued until the end of March 2016.

  • Seventy one control and treated vines were lifted in June 2016 and the vines were scored for plant vigour and root mass per plant was weighed. 


  • Mycorrcin increased root weight per plant (g/plant) by 42% versus the control. See Appendix for raw data. 


  • Mycorrcin increased root mass of all vines regardless of plant vigour. Root mass was +30% for strong plants and +98% for weak plants versus the control. 
CategoryControlMycorrcin TreatedIncrease
Strongly fibrous roots1114.330%
Strong plants5.87.630%
Weak plants2.75.498%


“I am amazed by the results. I did not expect a significant difference in root mass between control and treatment. I had some scepticism about the product used in the trial as I did not know a lot about the Mycorrcin product. I will be implementing the use of Mycorrcin into my management programme. This is due to the results showing confirmed benefits for plant growth.” –Geoffrey Smith, Vine Nursery New Zealand 

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