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If you rear 40 calves or more: Be within the first 200 to register below to receive a 1 L can of BioStart Calf FREE. 

* For your entry to be valid you need to complete the registration form below. You must rear a minimum of 40 calves to qualify for a FREE 1 L BioStart Calf. There is a limit of one BioStart Calf 1L per farm.

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BioStart Calf 1L is valued at $77.50 including GST (RRP).

Your FREE BioStart Calf 1 L will treat

  • 40 calves for the first 10 days from birth
  • This includes a newborn initial dose of 5 mL then 2 mL per day/head
  • Once your FREE BioStart Calf 1 L is finished contact your local PGG Wrightsons store for more product. Continue to dose BioStart Calf with every feed until weaning

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How it works:

Calves are exposed to a number of stresses in the first few weeks of life when their immune system is still developing. 

BioStart Calf is  a prebiotic digestive enhancer specially formulated for calves. 

BioStart Calf contains a concentrated blend of enzymes and secondary metabolites from the fermentation of beneficial bacteria including Lactobacillus AcidophilusBifidobacterium and Streptococcus thermophilus

BioStart Calf aids in the full utilization of liquid feeds and early rumen development.

Key features:

•  Stimulates immune system.
•  Easy to use & palatable.
•  No withholding period.
•  Boosts early rumen function.
•  Contains rennet to increase milk digestion thereby reducing the likelihood of nutritional scours.

Register above and you could receive 1L can of BioStart Calf FREE.
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